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22-Jun-2017 14:22

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The 42-year-old Wolf of Wall Street star was the subject of fake news reports saying he was moving to Whangarei this week, and is once again making headlines with a New Zealand-centric story.

Di Caprio and Perkins are said to have left a Los Angeles nightclub together over the weekend and were then photographed in the car.

Perkins, who attended Nelson College for Girls, has been signed to IMG Models since she was 15.

She was not born when Di Caprio's hit film Titanic was released in 1997.

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“He was a Nazi about his diet and would work out hard-core and cared more about his body than just living life,” says Chitre, who broke up with the finance guy last October.That means that not everything you see on her page is something she is actually into and she has a history of deceiving others. Someone who makes social media their life is constantly into their gadgets. They are constantly told their beautiful and literally get paid to post selfies.

However, for the newbies, this is a legendary home made video of Chetna and Prithvi allegedly students of Malnad Engineering College.… continue reading »

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His writing was a home run for me, it's the kind of stuff where if you repeat it here in the USA, people will think that you're crazy.… continue reading »

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I believed that I exaggerated ~ and believed this definition of me was proof that I was the one in the wrong and thus the beginning of the Black Sheep Syndrome.… continue reading »

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